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A quick and easy way using our mobile app to request money from friends or family up to £250 a time. You can request money from someone by sharing a link via your preferred messaging platform or by showing a QR code if you are with them. You can also split a bill with up to 9 other people by letting our app work out what each person owes and sending them a link to request payment. Anyone who has a major UK bank account can send you money, safely and securely as long as they are registered for mobile or online banking with their bank.

Share a link: 

In your NatWest app select ‘Payments’ at the bottom of the screen. Tap ‘Request Money’ then ‘ask for money you’re owed – share a link’. Then choose either anytime link or one-time link. With an anytime link, anyone can use this link to pay you anytime. It never expires and can be used 50 times a day. The person paying you chooses the amount and reference. A one-time link, you choose the amount and reference to send a one-time link that expires after 5 days. Once you’ve chosen your type of link simply tap share my link and send it via your chosen messaging platform. The person paying you can complete the payment through mobile, tablet or desktop by logging into their online or mobile banking.

Show a QR Code:

In your NatWest app select ‘Payments’ at the bottom of the screen. Tap ‘Request Money’ then ‘Get paid by someone nearby – Show a QR code’. Then choose either anytime QR code or one-time QR code and ask the person to scan using their camera and pay. The anytime QR code doesn’t expire and can be used up to 50 times per day. The person paying you chooses the amount and reference. You can add the anytime QR code to your digital wallet to make it even easier to request money in the future. The one-time QR code you choose the amount and reference and the code will expire after 5 minutes.

Split the Bill:

In your NatWest app select ‘Payments’ at the bottom of the screen. Tap ‘Request Money’ then ‘Split the bill’. Choose the transaction you want to split. Select how many people you want to split with, add their names and select ‘continue’. You can split the bill with up to 9 other people. The amount will be equally split between all payers unless you type a specific amount. Once you’re happy click ‘continue’ Select ‘share’ for each payer and send the link via your preferred messaging platform. The link will show as ‘shared’ next to each payers name once it’s been sent. Each link expires after 5 days.

This is a free service provided by Payit™, NatWest's online payment solution. It connects to the payers UK bank account, using Open Banking technology. Your bank details are not stored by Payit™ making it a safe and secure way to request money. Once the payer has completed the payment the majority of payments will be sent instantly, however, please allow up to 2 hours. 

Is request money safe to use?

Request money is a free service provided by Payit™, a NatWest payment innovation, that uses the UK’s Open Banking infrastructure to securely connect to your bank’s online or mobile banking, allowing you to log in using your banking credentials. Payit™ does not see your login credentials, nor does it store your personal bank account information. As a NatWest innovation, Payit™ adheres to NatWest’s security and privacy standards

How do I add my QR to my Apple/Google Wallet?

To add your QR to your wallet please follow the below steps:

  1. In your NatWest app select ‘Payments’ at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap ‘Request Money’ then ‘Get paid by someone nearby – Show a QR code’.
  3. Select 'Add to Apple/Google Wallet' which displays under your QR code.
  4. You can then view the QR by visiting the Wallet app on your mobile device.

You can receive 50 payments per day using this feature.

How do I remove the QR from my wallet?

To remove the QR from your wallet please follow the below steps:

  1. Visit the wallet app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the 3 dots on the top right hand corner then remove pass.
  3. If you wish to add this back you can do this by following the Add to wallet steps.

I've received a payment request - do I need to be a NatWest customer to pay?

No, you don’t need to be a NatWest customer if you are responding to a request as long as you bank with a major UK bank and have Online Banking or mobile banking. The list of banks is always growing so if you don't see your bank listed here, check back in the future.

Current banks available include: 

  • NatWest
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Ulster Bank (N.I)
  • Allied Irish Bank (NI)
  • Bank of Scotland
  • Bank of Scotland - Business
  • Barclays
  • Coutts
  • Danske Bank
  • First Direct
  • Halifax
  • HSBC
  • HSBC - Business
  • HSBC - Kinetic
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Lloyds Bank
  • Lloyds Bank - Business
  • Monzo
  • Nationwide
  • Revolut
  • Santander
  • Starling Bank
  • TSB
  • Wise

How can I view the status of my payment requests?

  1. In you NatWest app select ‘Payments’ at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Tap ‘Request money’ then ‘View recent payment requests’.  
  3. You can view the status of one-time link requests and split bill requests here.  
  4. You will not be able to view the status of anytime link requests or QR code requests.

What do the payment status’s mean?

Completed – The payer has completed the request and the payment should now appear in your account.

Pending - The payer has completed their payment and is waiting for their Bank to process the payment.

In progress - the payer has initiated the payment and is in the process of making the payment.

Active- The payer has not accessed the request yet, you may want to share this again by selecting share link on the request in your mobile app.

Failed- The payer has tried to complete the request however it has failed. Please contact the payer or generate a new request.

Expired – A single use pay by link request is only valid for 5 days from the day it is generated and a single use QR code is only valid from 5 minutes from when it is generated.  Ask the requestor to send you a anytime link or generate a anytime QR code which never expires or a new one-time link/one-time QR code, if you would still like to make the payment.

How do I cancel a payment request?

To cancel a request money by link request or a Split Bill link request, follow these steps:

  1. In your mobile app select ‘Payments’.
  2. Choose ‘Request money’.
  3. Go to ‘View recent payment link requests’.
  4. Tap an ‘Active’ link you want to cancel.
  5. Tap ‘Cancel Payment Request’.
  6. Select ‘Yes’ to confirm the cancellation.
  7. The link status will now be changed from ‘Active’ to cancelled.

You can only cancel requests in ‘active’ status. If any other status shows, these links will not be able to be cancelled. You are unable to cancel anytime link or QR code requests.

I am not a NatWest customer, can I still use request money?

Requesting money by link and QR code is for NatWest mobile customers only.  If you bank with another major UK bank you will be able to make payments to NatWest customers if you've received a request from someone.

You can find more information on how to switch to a NatWest account on our Switch Bank Accounts (opens in a new window) page.

How long does it take to receive a payment via link or QR code?

The majority of transactions are completed instantly, however please allow up to 2 hours. 

What should I do if I suspect that a link request message is fraudulent?

If you have any concerns please contact your Bank. For suspicious text messages, these should be forwarded to 88355*.

* This is not a premium rate number, standard network rates apply, please contact your network provider for more information on charges.

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