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VRP and sweeping payments will allow to safely connect with authorised payments service initiation providers (PISPs) to your bank account. Providers can then make a series of payments on a your behalf within agreed parameters, offering more control and transparency than existing alternatives.

For many consumers and small businesses, the most well-known method of collection for a recurring payment is via Direct Debit or continuous payment authority (CPA) – a type of recurring payment that a merchant makes using their debit or credit card details.

Unlike these two well-known methods of payments, a VRP and sweeping payments work by letting you safely connect authorised PISPs to your bank account so they can make payments on your behalf.

VRP and sweeping can offer a range of benefits over Direct Direct and card CPA, the key advantages on setting up a VRP and / or sweeping payment are:

  1. you will be more in control of your outgoings, by receiving live notifications on processed payments
  2. you can self-serve your needs by setting up or cancelling a payment in a few clicks, without spending time on the phone with a retailer call centre

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