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You cannot amend an active payment (sweeping and / or VRP), if you want to change an existing permission you must revoke and set-up a new one.

To revoke permission you can either visit the merchant, retailer or Third Party Provider website and withdraw your permission or visit your permission store available in Online Banking or the mobile app.

To access your permission store you need to do:

Online Banking permission store:

You can manage the access you’ve granted to third party providers through Online Banking by following these simple steps.

  • Select Security from the main menu
  • Click 'Manage Your Access' within the Open Banking: Managing Access section
  • The permission store will open in a new browser window

Mobile app permission store:

  • Select the icon in the top right hand corner (shaped like a person)
  • Select 'Settings' then 'Third Party Permissions'
  • Click on 'Manage your access', the permission store will open in a new web page

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