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Do you offer a currency buy back service?

Yes, if you are a customer with us, you can visit one of our branches where we will buy back your foreign currency and credit the GBP amount directly to your bank account. Our branch buybacks are completed through our provider, Travelex.

Please note this service is not available to non customers.

What can I exchange as a branch buyback?

We only accept bank notes not coins. We don't exchange bank notes that are damaged, out of circulation or due to be out of circulation in the next 6 months.

We accept most major currencies, but we can't buy back every single currency as there are restrictions in place on certain currencies.

We're unable to accept any legacy currencies from countries now using the Euro. Branch buy backs are supplied by Travelex.

Can I exchange old or discontinued currencies?

No, we can only buy back currencies that are currently in circulation.

Can I use the buy back service if I didn't buy my currency from you originally?

Yes, as long as you are a customer with us, we can buy back your currency even if you didn’t buy the currency from us originally. The currency would need to meet our requirements, which are detailed in the 'What can I exchange' section.

How do I cash in Amex Travellers cheques?

By mail:

Amex TC’s with a covering letter can be sent into Special Collections at:

Travelers Cheques Paid Collections
American Express
1 John Street
BN88 1HH

By phone - 080058760

Online Redemption (up to $1,000 equivalent) - redeem online (opens in a new window)

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