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There are 2 options available which will help reduce your current mortgage repayments in the short term without an affordability check or any impact to your credit score.

  1. Amend your current Mortgage Repayment type to Interest Only for 6 months
  2. Increase the term of your current Mortgage with the ability to revert back to your original term within 6 months, if you wish.

When your 6 month Interest Only period ends, your monthly payments will increase as you will resume paying both the Capital and Interest elements of your mortgage.

By increasing your term the total amount of interest you pay back over the term will increase. If you revert back to your original term within 6 months, your monthly payments will also increase. 

See our Mortgage Cost of Living page for more information.

If you choose option 1 above, you could still apply to extend your mortgage term outside of the Mortgage Charter, via our standard process. However, you will need to contact us and you will go through an affordability check.

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