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How will a Financial Health Check benefit me?

Whether you are looking to action a specific need or simply want the peace of mind that your finances are in good shape the Financial Health Check will do the job.

  • The free Financial Health Check service is a face to face review with one of our highly trained Senior Personal Bankers
  • The discussion will be focused around your needs and goals (we can also address any concerns you may have)
  • We will consider all areas of your finances aimed at helping 'you' make informed decisions about what you feel is right for you
  • We will try and save or make you money where possible to ensure the things most important to you are adequately protected
  • We'll also look to ensure things are organised in the most efficient and effective way to save you time and provide maximum convenience
  • If it turns out you either need or want more specialist help, we can refer you to other specialist team members as required

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Private Banking customers should call us on 03332 023 330 (Minicom: 0800 027 1395).

Personal customers can make an appointment through their Branch