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What phones are covered under my mobile phone insurance?

The policy covers mobile phones that:

  • can make and receive calls when connected to a mobile network
  • have a screen size of less than 7 inches (measured diagonally)
  • is designed to be handheld, and
  • cannot be used as a satellite phone

The table below outlines who is covered under your policy, the claims allowance in any 12 month period and any excess that applies.

Silver and Platinum accounts cover your phone when being used by those named as an account holder. Phones owned by your employer are not covered. Black accounts covers phones when being used by you or a family member. A family member can be your partner and your dependent children. Phones owned by your/their employer are not covered.

Your phone is not covered if another person (other than a family member) is using your phone (even if you have given that person permission).

Level of cover provided by account
 Claims per yearExcess
Silver accountOne successful claim during any 12 month period. One claim each for joint account holders in any 12 month period, upto a maximum of two.£100
Platinum accountTwo successful claims during any 12 month period. Two claims each for joint account holders in any 12 month period upto a maximum of four£100
Black accountMaximum of four claims in any 12 month period per account£100

To find out more or to use your benefits visit the Silver account (opens in a new window), Platinum account (opens in a new window) or Black account (opens in a new window) pages or call us.

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Black / Reward Black: 0345 601 7188
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Minicom: 0345 600 0512
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