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What is an accessible card and how do I order one?

An accessible card is designed to help blind and partially sighted customers. It's the first banking product to be accredited by The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).

Card features

This card works in exactly the same way as our other Visa cards. It can be used in shops, at cash machines (ATMs) and online, at home and abroad. The card can be issued as contactless, non-contactless and ATM only (for savings accounts only).

The card has 2 unique features:

  • A notch carved out of the bottom right hand corner to assist with orientation
  • A formation of dots embossed on the top right hand corner of the card. There are 2 vertical lines for a debit card and a single dot for a savings card

The reverse of the card has also been adapted with the needs of partially sighted customers in mind. The telephone numbers have been placed where no embossing will be on the front of the card and the font has been increased by more than 50%. All other features of the card remain the same. It can be used at point of sale and at cash machines in the UK and abroad.

To order an accessible card you can visit (opens in a new window) and complete the online registration form.