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How do I activate my Online Banking account using my customer number and activation code?

To activate your Online Banking service using the customer number and activation code - Simply go to www.nwolb.com (opens in a new window).

  1. Enter your customer number - This is your date of birth (ddmmyy) followed by the up to four digit unique number.
  2. Select 'Log in' and you will then be asked to enter your activation code - This is a 10 digit number you will have received in the post. Once you have entered the activation code click 'Next'.
  3. You will then be asked to choose a 4 digit PIN and a password between 6 and 20 characters long, made up of both letters and numbers. Once you have selected your security details you will be able to access your accounts.

Each time you log into your accounts you will only require your customer number, PIN and password. Once you have activated Online Banking you can destroy the activation code as it is no longer required.

If you plan to use Online Banking to make payments, don't forget to order yourself a card-reader.