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How do I order a certificate of interest for my mortgage?

If you are filling in your tax return, or preparing your annual accounts, you may need to find out how much interest you paid on your mortgage in the previous tax year. We can provide this information in a statement called a Certificate of Interest. It will take 5 working days to send this out to you or if you just need the interest amount we can give you this over the phone.

Certificates of Interest are not issued automatically, so if you require one, you must request one to be sent.

You can order a certificate of interest by signing in to manage your mortgage (opens in a new window). To manage your mortgage online you only need your mortgage account number, your surname, date of birth and the mortgaged property's postcode. You will automatically be registered to manage your mortgage. Once you are signed in you will need to scroll down to 'Further options' and select 'Request certificate of interest'.

This service is available from 7am to Midnight. The information is updated overnight, so may not include any changes to your mortgage balance today.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

If you require a certificate of interest for your other accounts with us please see How do I get a Certificate of Interest or Tax Certificate for my account?.