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How do I make an overpayment on my mortgage?

Overpayments are additional payments that you can make at any time and are not linked to your monthly payment.

There are two main ways to make an overpayment to your mortgage, either by making a lump sum payment or by making regular extra monthly overpayments. You can use our overpayment calculator (opens in a new window) to work out how much you could save.

If you make a lump sum overpayment, we may recalculate your contractual monthly payment to reflect the lower balance. If we do reduce your monthly payments, the term of your mortgage will stay the same and you will pay off your mortgage in the same amount of time.

You can make a lump sum overpayment by logging in to 'Manage Your Mortgage', which is our online mortgage service. Just select 'My payments and services' from the main menu.

Underneath the sub menu 'My payments' choose the 'make a payment (Overpayment, missed mortgage payment or manual mortgage payment)' option and select 'lump sum overpayment'.

If you would like to pay off your mortgage sooner than planned by making an application to reduce the term, please contact us.

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