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You can view any charges which may have been applied to your current account in your Online Banking service:

  1. Log in to Online Banking at (opens in a new window)
  2. Select 'Statements & transactions' from the main menu
  3. Select the option 'Pre-advice of interest & charges' in the 'Your statements' section
  4. Your available pre-advice of interest or pre-advice of charges documents for the highlighted account and given year in the time period dropdown will be shown on screen
  5. You can choose a different account if you have more than one and change the year using the time period dropdown
  6. Select the relevant pre-advice cycle link displayed on the page and it will download as a PDF file as per your browser settings

For more information on rates and charges please select the appropriate product below:

Arranged and Unarranged Overdraft costs

Find out more about the different Arranged and Unarranged Overdraft fees and interest rates (opens in a new window) that apply to your current account.

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