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To manage your personal NatWest credit card online you must be the primary card holder.

Online Banking

Manage your credit cards as well as your NatWest current account, loans and savings accounts - Find out more about Online Banking (opens in a new window).

If you already access Online Banking you can add your credit card to the same service. Just go to 'Cards' on the main menu then select 'Add it to Online Banking' in the 'Manage a personal credit card' section and follow the instructions shown on screen.

Once added, under the 'Manage a personal credit card' section you will be able to request a direct debit, add an additional card holder, request a PIN reminder and update the email address associated with your credit card.

Business Cards

If you wish to view your NatWest business credit card online you will need to register for a service called Cards Online - Find out more about Cards Online (opens in a new window).

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