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Once TfL announce the official launch, simply use your debit card as a ticket by touching your card in and out at the ticket gate when you get on and off the train, DLR or touch once when boarding a bus or tram and TfL will work out your journeys at the end of the day, where you will be charged an adult pay as you go fare. This will be capped as if you bought a daily ticket (please note that other transport operators may do this differently so you will need to review their conditions of carriage for clarity). In addition, TfL will apply a Monday to Sunday cap to your journeys to ensure your spend is no more expensive than a weekly ticket. This means that your additional spend may be different on your account to ensure this is factored in. TfL will then use your card details to debit your account. Please note, when TfL extends contactless payment acceptance to the tube, tram, DLR, Overground and most National Rail service, capping will apply to bus journeys too.

To ensure you are paying the correct fare, you should touch in and out with the same card each day and weekly (weekly capping runs from Monday to Sunday) to take advantage of the capping. Please contact the transport operator who can see your journey history, which card had been charged and arrange for any refund, where appropriate.

For full details of your journeys and how your travel is calculated please contact TfL or visit (opens in a new window).

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