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Have you changed your automated service for Telephone Banking?

We have made changes to our Telephone Banking automated service as of 25th September 2016.

There are now 4 options to choose from, 3 of which will request that you input your Customer Number and 2 digits from your PIN. We will never ask you to provide your full PIN and password.

By inputting your security details into the automated system we can make sure you are routed to the correct team to help you with your enquiry.

Being registered for Telephone Banking keeps you safe and secure as you will only be identified by your Customer Number and random digits from your PIN. You can then do more over the telephone, such as making payments to third parties and creating and amending Standing Orders.

Telephone banking
Personal customers - 03457 888444 (Overseas +44 3457 888444)
Business customers - 03457 114477 (Overseas +44 3457 114477)
Minicom: 0800 404 6161
Open 24 hours a day.
Calls may be recorded.
Call charge information.

Please have your Customer Number and PIN ready as this will enable your call to be answered faster and more securely. These are the same details you use to log in to Online Banking.