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How do I order a transaction history list for a closed account?

How can I request my transaction history for my closed account?

If you are a personal or business customer and do not have a relationship manager, you can call 03457 888 444 in the UK, +44 3457 888 444 overseas and 0800 404 6161 on Minicom.

In Scotland you can call 03459 000 200, +44 1183 732 069 overseas and 0800 092 9098 on Minicom.

If you were a personal or business customer (and did not have a relationship manager) but no longer hold any products with us, then you can get your transaction history list by visiting your branch. Alternatively, you can send the following information to your local branch: (opens in a new window)

  • Full name
  • Business name
  • Statement address
  • Sort code and account number
  • Specific period the transaction history list is required for
  • Signature (in accordance with the mandate)

If you are, or were, a relationship managed business customer, you can request your transaction history by sending the above information to:

NatWest, Parklands
DeHavilland Way

The fax numbers are 0845 3660 629 or 0845 366 0623.

If you're based in Scotland send your details to:
Wavertree Technology Park
Stephenson Way
L13 1HE

The fax number is 0845 366 2991.

Do I need to provide any identification to request my transaction history list in branch?

How long after closing my account can I contact the bank and request my transaction history list?

You can request your transaction history up to five years after closing your account.

How many years worth of history can I request?

You can specify the date range of transactions you'd like to see over the last five years. So if you make the request four years after your account is closed, you'll be able to get the account transactions you made in the last year that your account was open.

As your transaction history will be printed, please specify the exact time period you need. This will help to save paper.

How will I receive my transaction history?

It will be sent via post to the address on the account or the address you specify in the fax (if you are, or were a relationship managed business customer) or letter.

How long will it take to receive my transaction history?

We will send your transaction history list within 7 working days of successfully passing identification checks.

Can I request the transaction history in a particular format?

Yes, you can request it in large text print, braille and audio options.

Will it cost me anything to request this transaction history?

The transaction history list is free. There will be a charge for copy statements.

The difference between a transaction history list and a copy statement is that a transaction history list will show both cleared and uncleared transactions, such as cheques. Copy statements will only show cleared transactions. A transaction history list cannot be used as proof of address or for legal affairs, such as a mortgage application.