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How do I make a large value bill payment from the mobile app without a card-reader?

Our mobile app contains the most popular and frequently used utility, Local Authority and credit card companies. You can select 'Payments' and 'Pay someone new' then start to enter the name of the payee.

  • If we do hold their details you will be able to select the payee and that will pre-populate their account number and sort code in the app. You can pay them up to £20,000.00 a day
  • For any companies whose details we do not hold in the app there is a £250 daily limit

Find out more information on the mobile app payment limits

Please note: the maximum daily sum is for each working day, therefore payments made on a Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday will form part of the allowance for the next working day.

If you are a business customer who regularly makes payments over £20,000.00, then the Bankline service may be better suited to your needs.