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Services available to a third party on an account

  • Have a debit card (must be the same type as the account holders existing card).
  • Have a cheque book (this will not require both signatures to issue a payment).
  • Have a paying-in book.
  • Enrol for telephone banking or Online Banking.
  • Arrange new payments on the account e.g. CHAPS, foreign transfers.
  • Cancel any payments arranged on the account e.g. standing orders etc.
  • View or remove any items held in safe deposit.
  • Change the address of accounts they are named on.
  • Obtain any information relevant to an account they are named on.
  • Order account essentials (cards/cheque books etc) for other parties on the account.

Once a third party is added to an account, the new account will show alongside any other accounts that the third party is associated with. This means that the account will be available to view on telephone and online banking - this is not optional.

Services not available to a third party on an account

The following services are not available to a third party on an account:

  • Use any of the benefits on an account.
  • Open accounts.
  • Upgrade or downgrade accounts.
  • Apply for additional borrowing on existing accounts e.g. overdrafts, loans.
  • Reclaim funds from dormant accounts they were named on.

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