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When you make a payment using your debit card in the UK it will usually be authorised immediately. The available funds in your bank account will reduce by the amount of that payment.

When you see the details online depends on how quickly the merchant sends that transaction information to us. Most merchants do this within a day or two of the date you made the payment. Some do take longer. You'll see details of that payment on your account after 8.30am on the day after we receive them from the merchant.

If you've returned goods and paid with your debit card or your merchant says they're making a refund your available balance will not increase immediately. The refund will appear as a credit to your bank account on the day after we receive it from the merchant.

When you make a payment using your debit card abroad clearance can take up to 9 working days. The details of your debit card transaction will therefore take longer to appear on your Online Banking statement.

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