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How do I change the PIN for my Online Banking card?

If you have received a special card for use with the Online Banking card-reader, you can change the PIN to one of your choosing.

To change your Online Banking card PIN:

  1. Insert your card into the card-reader
  2. Press MENU button until you see the message 'PIN CHANGE' and press OK
  3. Enter your existing PIN and press OK
  4. Enter a new PIN and press OK
  5. Repeat the new PIN and press OK

If the change has been successful, the card-reader will briefly display the message 'PIN CHANGED'.

Should the card-reader briefly display 'ERROR', this means the new PIN and the repeated PIN did not match. The card-reader will take you through entering and repeating the new PIN again.

If you do not get the 'PIN CHANGE' option in the menu the software on the reader may be an older version and you will need to order a new card-reader.

Please note: the PIN change option is only available for Online Banking cards, you can not change your debit card PIN with a card-reader. How do I change the PIN for my debit card?