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I'm having a problem adding my debit card in Credit Card Online Services?

If you are experiencing issues adding a debit card to make payments to your credit card, using Credit Card Online Services please follow the steps below:

  • Your Nickname must be different from other debit cards already added to the service
  • If the debit card is a MasterCard debit card, select the Maestro/Solo option from the 'Debit card type' drop down menu
  • Due to the way the debit card details are verified, there must be a minimum balance of £1 in the account associated with the debit card
  • RBSG Visa Debit cards with a foreign address - Numerics of the address need to be entered into the 'First Line of Address' and postcode should be left blank. i.e. Address: Mont Blanc, Gruuee, 23654 St Claire, Cannes, France, 23654 should be entered into address field and postcode left blank, or Address : 32 Mont Blanc (House Number), S-36594 Gruuee (Street Number), Cannes, France then 3236594 should be entered into address field and postcode left blank