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How much will I be charged for making purchases in store while abroad?

We will always charge customers for using their debit cards to make purchases abroad or to pay in a currency other than Sterling in the UK.

When making a debit card payment at a foreign point of sale (POS) terminal the total value of the transaction will be converted into Sterling at the prevailing Visa Payment Scheme Exchange Rate, then a 2.75% Non-Sterling Transaction Fee will be applied.

For example,
1 - International POS Payment. €100.00 Euros.
2 - Visa Payment Scheme Exchange Rate at the time is £1 = €1.1630, so the amount in Sterling is £85.98.
3 - The Non-Sterling Transaction Fee will now be added. It is set at 2.75%. 2.75% of £85.98 = £2.37. This gets added on to the Sterling amount of the transaction: £85.98 + £2.37 = £88.35.