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If you’ve entered your UK postcode and selected ‘Find my address’ and it’s not recognised, then you can select ‘enter your address manually’ and manually enter your details.

Only UK addresses can be used for an account application.

If you’ve tried to enter your postcode manually and you’re still unable to proceed with your application, please contact our application helpdesk:

For Current or Savings accounts

We offer 24/7 application support online via Cora, our digital assistant, and our friendly webchat team. Simply click the Cora button below and ask 'help with my account application' and select the current or savings account.

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You can also do this in the mobile app by tapping 'Help' on the homescreen, followed by "Chat to Cora".

NatWest application helpdesk (Loans, Overdrafts or Credit Cards)

NatWest application helpdesk
0345 3030 299
Minicom: 0800 404 6161
Open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm, closed Sat-Sun.
(Opening hours may vary on public holidays)
Calls may be recorded.

Loan or Overdraft - option 3
Credit Card - option 4

If you want to apply for a new account and live within the EU, you can find more information on how to apply for an account by visiting Bank Accounts for those living outside the UK but within the EU. (opens in a new window)

Ask Cora

Cora can help you with a wide range of queries and show you how to do your banking.

Available 24/7

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