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Yes, you can send money using Paym with 'Pay Your Contacts' in the mobile app.

'Pay Your Contacts' lets you send money to someone with a UK mobile number who is registered for the Paym service.

'Pay Your Contacts' will automatically check to see if the person you are paying has registered their mobile phone number with Paym.

If the number is not registered with Paym, then a message will be displayed to inform you that the payment cannot be made.

You can still send money using 'Pay Your Contacts' in our Mobile app even if you are registered for Paym with another bank.

Paym is coming to an end.

From 4th February 2023, the Paym service won't be available on the app, and you’ll be unable to make or receive Paym payments. The Paym service will be closed permanently by all banks on 7th March 2023.

You can still use Pay Your Contacts to make and receive payments using our Mobile App. So, you’ll still be able to pay registered NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, Ulster Bank, NatWest International and Isle of Man Bank customers, using their mobile number.

If you’ve already registered for Paym we’ll automatically register you for Pay Your Contacts. If you no longer want to be registered for this service you can cancel registration at any time.

To send money to someone who doesn’t bank with us or isn’t registered for Pay Your Contacts, you can make mobile payments using their account number and sort code.

Want to ask someone to make a payment to your account? You can share a payment request link or QR code using PayMe in the app.

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