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To pay a bill or make a payment to a company or supplier, you will need to add them as a payee. To make it easier to set a payee up, a number of bill issuers are already listed in our bill categories for you. However, you can also add any bill issuer as a payee if you know their sort code and account number.

You may need your mobile app if you have registered for Biometrics or card reader when logging into Online Banking and will need it to set up a new payee.

To add a payee:

  1. Log in to Online Banking
  2. Select 'Payments & transfers' from the main menu
  3. Select 'Make a payment or transfer' under the 'Make a payment or transfer' heading 
  4. Select 'Pay someone new'
  5. Start typing the company name. If it's a company we know, select their name from the list of suggestions and we'll fill in their account information for you.

Most bill issuers now include an account number and sort code and the payment reference number on their bill for payments made via Online Banking or Telephone Banking. Before paying a bill please make sure you have used the correct reference. This is normally your customer reference or account with your bill issuer.

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