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As a NatWest customer you can

  • Pay in cash using your debit card and PIN or a barcoded paying-in slip. A £3,000 daily limit and a £24,000 annual limit applies to cash deposits. Learn more about cash limits.
  • Deposit cheques with a paying-in slip.
  • Withdraw cash using your debit card and PIN.
  • Get your balance using your debit card and PIN.

What you need to know

  • Post Offices® have various cut-off times and services, so do check with the Post Office® you wish to use to see what they offer and what their cut-off time is for deposits, as this can impact when any deposit you make credits your account. Cash paid in at a Post Office® using a debit card will be added to your account immediately.
  • Depositing cash with your debit card will now ask for your PIN. If you do not know your PIN you can contact us to order a reminder.
  • Customer who have a chip & signature card are not able to use this card at the Post Office®. Customers can still use barcoded paying-in slips to deposit cash. If you need paying-in slips, please contact us and we will provide you with them.
  • Cash paid in using a paying-in slip will be added to your NatWest account by the end of the next working day, if paid in before the Post Office® cut off time. If missed, this will be two working days.
  • Please ensure when paying in cash that you use a barcoded paying-in slip. If your paying-in slips do not contain a barcode, please contact us and we will provide you with them.
  • Cheques paid into the Post Office® will be added to your NatWest account when we receive them from the Post Office®, which is normally within two working days. Cheques will follow the normal cheque clearing cycle once we have received them. Please note, sometimes it might take a little longer for cheques to reach us from the Post Office®.
  • You can't mix cash and cheque payments, this will need to be two separate transactions.

Check out our step-by-step video to see how you can bank at the Post Office®.

You can find more info on our Post Office® services page.

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