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I’ve lost my credit card, what do I do?

Mobile App

You can report your card lost, stolen or damaged by selecting ‘Manage my card’ under your credit card > then select ‘report card lost, stolen, or damage’.

If you select lost or damaged, this will take you to an online form to complete and submit. A replacement card is ordered with the same card number same day if submitted by 15:00

If you need to report your card stolen, please contact the phone number provided within the mobile app

Timescales for replacement

A new card will be ordered as soon as the previous card is cancelled and delivered within of 5-7 working days.


To report the loss or theft of a credit card, please call:

Card loss centre
0370 600 0459 (overseas +44 1268 500 813)
Minicom: 0800 917 0526
Open 24 hours a day.
Calls may be recorded.
Call charge information.