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What is my Online Banking Mailbox and how do I access it?

Your Online Banking Mailbox or mobile app enables you to securely receive and access important mail we've sent you in electronic format. You can view, download, share, archive or print PDF copies of your mail at your convenience.

To print or save your mail, simply click on an item within your Mailbox to open it in PDF format, then select the option to either save or print the document.

Please note depending on the browser you are using, the PDF copy of your mail may appear in your downloaded items.

Mobile App

Click on "My profile" (top right of the screen) and go to Mailbox.

Online Banking

Access Online Banking at (opens in a new window) and log in as normal. Once logged in, click on "Mailbox" on the left hand side

Please note, your Online Banking Mailbox or mobile app is used to receive mail only, you cannot forward or reply to mail we send.

If you have questions about any mail you receive or need help, please contact us (opens in a new window).