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Why am I receiving this letter/email about updating my contact details?

You have received this letter as we have identified that you may have an incorrect or invalid number registered with us. We want to make sure we keep you safe and secure and that we are able to contact you in case of emergencies or to authorise certain payments.

Why are you asking me to click on a link?

The link in the email takes you to a secure portal. We never ask for full PINs or passwords and the link sent to you is unique to you and cannot be used by anyone else.

How long does it take for my mobile details to be updated?

Update details in the portal / return tear off slip to us

It will take up to 5 working days for this to be reflected on your account. During that time you may not be able to complete certain transactions for security reasons.

Update via Online Banking or the Mobile app

If you update your details using online or in the app, via "Chat to Cora", it will be reflected on your accounts straight away.

How will I know when my mobile number details have been updated?

An alert will be issued to your mobile number confirming that the changes have been added to your account.

What will happen if I don’t update my mobile details?

If you do not hold the correct contact details with us you may not be able to complete online shopping transactions, Online Banking log in’s or access our mobile app. We also need to contact you on the registered mobile number should we identify any suspicious activity on your account. We send this in the form of alerts via text message.

I don’t have a card reader and I can’t update my mobile details in Online Banking how can I update them?

If you do not have a card reader then you can update your details in the mobile app via "Chat to Cora" or by selecting the ‘need help’ pop-up box from our website. If you know your Online Banking PIN and password we can take you through identification over the phone and look to update this by asking you some security questions.

Will my mobile details be updated on my credit card at the same time?

When we update your main bank details we will also ensure your credit card details are updated by passing you to one of our credit card team.

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