How can we help you?

Banking My Way is a service that allows you to tell us specific information about you so that we can better help you in the future. With your permission we will record this information so that we can be aware of it each time we interact. We will also be able to suggest additional support for you to use in your day-to-day banking.

What are the benefits of Banking My Way?

By understanding you more fully we will be able to offer better support when you interact with us. By telling us once, your information will be available for us to help you whether you choose to bank with us online, call us, or pop into one of our branches.

You will have full control of the information that you share with us and amend or delete it if your circumstances change, or you no longer wish to have that information recorded.

Once you tell us your Banking My Way details, we’ll ensure that you do not need to repeat the additional support you need from us and will allow us to suggest other services to you that could make your banking with us easier.

Where can I find Banking My Way within my Online Banking?

Banking My Way is in the ‘Your Details’ section when you log into your Online Banking.

Where can I find Banking My Way within my Mobile App?

Banking My Way is in the 'My Profile' or 'Help' section when you log into your Mobile App.

How do I register for Online Banking?

What information do I need to complete on Banking My Way?

You can confidentially tell us about your specific circumstances within the initial section of Banking My way or if you would not like to share this information then please click 'No, but I'd still like to see the available support options' and you will then be presented with our full list of support options to choose from.

For further information on Banking My Way, please follow this link Banking My Way (opens in a new window)

When do we review your Banking My Way information?

There will be an annual reminder to review your Banking My Way information. This will ensure that our records are accurate. The reminder will be sent to you either through Online Banking, the mobile app or the next time that you speak with our Customer Contact team or visit a branch.

Alternatively, you can amend your details at any time through Online Banking, speaking to our Customer Contact teams, or visiting one of our branches.

Do I need to complete all sections of Banking My Way?

No, the Banking My Way service is optional, so you don’t need to tell us anything you don’t want to.

If you’d rather not advise us about your situation you can select from our list of support options. The support options will give you further information on how they can help.

What am I expected to do when recording details on Banking My Way in my Online Banking?

Firstly navigate to the Banking My Way option within the ‘Your Details’ section of your Online Banking profile or the 'My Profile' section on the Mobile App.

You can then provide us with details of your specific situation and/or choose the relevant support you need from us.

Under each Support option available, there will be a short description to inform you how this will assist in making your banking as easy as possible. This information will then be pulled through to our internal systems ensuring there is no need for you to repeat this every time you contact us.

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