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Change your business address with Online Banking or the mobile app

You are able to change your registered address or statement address when logged into Online Banking at (opens in a new window) or the mobile app. If you're using the mobile app and have registered for biometrics, click your profile, then 'manage my business profile' to update your details.

For assistance, click 'Help', then "Chat to Cora" and chat to Cora about what you want to update

You have the option of using Webchat to make your address change, if you are unable to log into Online Banking. Click 'Chat now' on any business page of our website (opens in a new window).

To use this route, your Online Banking must have been fully authenticated with the use of a card reader, along with an active debit or Chip and Pin (CAP) card.

For more help managing your account, please visit our Managing Your Accounts Hub (opens in a new window).

Limited companies can update their business details using this digital form: 

Change your details form

If you are looking to close one of your business accounts, you can do this securely via webchat by clicking 'Chat now' (opens in a new window).

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