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Below are the most common abbreviations for transaction types that may be shown on your bank account statement.

For a list of what the mobile app icons mean, please see What do the icons mean on my transactions page in the mobile app?

Statement abbreviation Meaning
ATM Automated Teller (Cash) Machine
BAC Automated Credit
BGC Bank Giro Credit
BSP Branch Single Payment
CDM Cash & Deposit Machine
Charge Previously displayed as CHG
CHP Payment by CHAPS transfer
CHQ Cheque
C/L Cashline (Cash machine / ATM withdrawal)
C/R Credit Remittance
CUI Centralised Unpaid In (Unpaid Cheque)
CWP Cold Weather Payment
D/D Direct Debit
DIV Dividend
DPC Direct Banking by PC (payment or transfer made using online banking)
DR Account Overdrawn or Debit Item
DWP Department for Work and Pensions
IBP Inter-Branch Payment
INT Interest
ITL International
NDC Non Dividend Counterfoil
NO WI BON No Withdrawal Bonus
N-S TRN FEE Non Sterling Transaction Fee
OTR Online Banking Transaction
POC Post Office Counters
POS Point of Sale/Debit Card Transaction (if you don't recognise the retailer name, we might be able to help you (opens in a new window))
S/O Standing Order
SBT Screen Based Transaction
TEL Telephone Banking
TFR Transfer
TLR Teller Transaction
VRATE Visa Payment Scheme Exchange Rate

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