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Your Online Banking PIN and password must meet the following:

PIN criteria

Your PIN must have four digits. To keep it secure, we won't accept:

  • Numbers in an ascending or descending order, for example 1234 or 7654
  • The same number three or four times in a row for example 1222 or 7777

Password criteria

Your password must be between 6 and 20 characters, and have both letters and numbers. To keep your password secure, we don't allow:

  • Hyphens, punctuation marks, or spaces
  • 3 letters or numbers in ascending or descending order, for example hello123 or abc3susan
  • The same character repeatedly, for example CCCCCCCC or 999999999

Please remember your PIN and password will be used with both online banking and telephone banking.

How do I change my pin or password?

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